What's in your bag?

Imagine that when you're born and embark on your journey of life, you are gifted an invisible emotional backpack. And as you walk along your unique path you discover that in your backpack, instead of snacks and a water bottle, you're lugging around rocks. Each one is a memory, a loss, a heartache you've gathered along the way that you weren't taught how to processThey've been piling up since you were little – a childhood pet that crossed the rainbow bridge, a move that took you away from your best friend, heartbreaks, and goodbyes. Over time this backpack, unseen to others, is weighing you down, making you feel exhausted, stuck in your pain, and longing to somehow feel like you did in those carefree 'good ol' days'.

Now imagine setting that backpack down, feeling the weight lift off your shoulders, allowing you to stretch and breathe deeply again. That's what I'm here for. It's not just about acknowledging the rocks; it's about understanding how to unpack them, honour the journeys they represent, and find a way to trek forward, lighter and more at peace. It's time for you to rediscover the joy of the journey, unburdened and free.

The Many Faces Of Loss

Did you know that grief isn't just associated with death?

Divorce, diagnosis, and displacement
 are some of the other 'big D' non-death losses.

Grief is about the myriad ways our hearts break and our lives change. 
It's about the profound impact of the events that reshape our world.
We've been taught how to 'get' things, not what to do when we lose them.

Have these life events affected you, recently or in the past?

Are you ready to step into a future where grief doesn't define your days?
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My journey to support you on your path:

At Inner Travel Grief Coaching™, I combine my expertise as an Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist with over a decade of coaching, death doula, and meditation experience to offer a uniquely heart-centered, action-oriented approach. This method isn't just theory; it's a path I've walked myself and guided countless others through, witnessing life-changing transformations along the way.

Hear from those who've walked this path 
and found their way back to happiness.


Are you ready to embark on this life-changing journey? 

To discover where your heart can be, with support that understands and guides you? 

If so, let's begin this transformation together. It's time to step out of the shadow of grief and into the light of healing and hope. 

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