loss is universal,grief is personal.

Guiding you through the journey of loss, healing, and meaningful celebration.

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What’s standing in the way of healing your heart?

Discover what may be blocking you from feeling better.

Guiding you through loss, to life.

If you’ve found this page there’s a high probability that you’re suffering from a broken heart. You may be wondering if you’ll ever stop crying, if you’ll ever laugh again, and if you’ll ever feel like yourself.

Grief Coaching will teach you how to heal your emotional pain and feel whole again with proven tools that you can use over and over again.

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Grief is individual& DEEPLY PERSONAL

No one has ever experienced what you’re going through and although you may deserve an award for the brave face you put on every day, your tear-soaked pillows know the truth.

“My kids have never seen me like this. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. All I can do is cry. I find myself staring at the empty crib, I just…I never imagined NOT bringing our newborn home from the hospital. Will I ever be okay again? Will LIFE ever be okay again?”

Yes, life can be okay again with guided action and professional support. 

“It’s been over three years since my mom died, why can’t I get it together?! I should be over it by now, but it feels like it’s just getting harder every single day.”

Grief doesn’t have a timeline, but it’s never too late to heal your heart.

“I can’t say anything to my best friend about getting fired when she just got diagnosed with cancer! She is going through so much, it feels stupid to complain about my job.”

The worst loss is always your own, comparing losses doesn’t help anyone.

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works.” 

You simply weren’t taught the right tools to deal with loss, let me show you a better (and scientifically proven) way.

Guiding youthrough loss to life

Loss is a part of life, that means we’re equipped to handle it. Get back on your feet with a proven, evidence-based plan.

As a client recently said “To someone who is hesitant to try, I would say the following. It’s safe. YOU deserve this. YOU deserve to be free and have all the beautiful things you hope for in your life. This is the way through to that greatness.”

I've got you.

I am so grateful for the coaching sessions that we have been through. I feel like I have truly come so far from where I was before I met you. I continue to heal, my heart feels lighter and I’m hopeful for the future. Thank you.

Honestly my divorce was such an ordeal and you’ve really helped me gain the tools to look forward to a better life. I mean it, I’m really blessed and grateful for everything and all our hard work together. Lots of love. 

It was wonderful to be heard, to feel fully supported without judgement, and I now have the tools I can use again and again.

You can heal from life's deepest heartbreaks ... I’m here, holding the light and your hand. Guiding you through loss, to life.

Turns out the best teacher in my life, isdeath.

Our scars are similar. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Do clients work with me because I personally understand grief? Because I’m a cancer survivor who dances happily and exhales audibly each time my scans come back clean — because I recognize death as a powerful force in how I live my life and help others live theirs?

Damn straight, yes, and that's only the beginning.

Some begin because they know just what’s hurting and why, others feel an overall melancholy and want to dive deeper to discover why and how to feel better. For me, it started with cancer knocking at my door, showing me the fragility of life. Then I realized that my ‘dream job’ wasn’t so dreamy and I needed to follow my instincts 16,000 kms in the other direction and I’ve never looked back since.

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