Every Life is a Unique Story, Every Farewell Should Be, Too

When life reaches its final chapter, a standard ceremony simply won't do. That's why Inner Travel Grief Coaching™ is beyond excited to join forces with Bassett Events. Our unique blend of empathetic coaching and event-planning expertise transforms farewells into heartfelt celebrations.

The Goodbye You've Always Wanted

Tired of cookie-cutter farewells that leave no room for the nuances that make us who we are? We get it. It's time for a Celebration of Life that captures the essence of you or your loved one — where each detail speaks volumes, each emotion is held with care, and each story is celebrated for its authentic beauty.
 (no crustless cucumber sandwiches here, unless that's your thing)

Traditional funerals aren't for everyone

There’s a shift happening.
Whether it’s due to personal, spiritual, or ecological reasons, people want more personalized memorials or parties than the traditional “packages” offered by funeral homes. Much like traditional weddings are stepping aside, so are traditional funerals. 

Which is precisely why we're here.

Expertise Meets Empathy

What Makes Us Different

Unlike any other service, our end-of-life celebrations are led by a team that exudes both heart and art. As a seasoned grief coach and death doula, Tammy is able to holistically support clients through the emotional planning process. For over two decades, Jennifer has run Bassett Events, experts in creating memorable celebrations with an unmatched touch of elegance. Together, we're weaving soulful stories and spectacular events, ensuring every Celebration Of Life is both heartfelt and unforgettable.

To be clear, we do not plan traditional funerals (we leave that to the funeral home professionals). Instead, we plan what is commonly known as a Celebration Of Life, which can often happen after the traditional funeral has taken place or instead of a traditional funeral.
We also recognize that every person's journey with grief is unique. Some may seek to plan the event shortly after their loved one's passing, while others might need time to process their emotions. Understanding this, our service doesn’t bind you to a timeline. Whether it's months or even years after the loss, we're here to help craft a celebration that feels right for you.

Environmentally-Conscious Celebrations

Because honouring a life should not cost the Earth, we place a strong focus on sustainability and are as eco-friendly as possible in everything we do. With each celebration planned, we contribute to local charities working to help reverse the climate crisis.

The People You Trust With Your Life ... And Death

In the swirl of emotions and tasks that accompany loss, it's easy to lose sight of your own needs. Our experienced team is here to lift that burden from your shoulders. We will handle every meticulous detail — from concept to execution — so that you can fully participate in this significant event, rather than being consumed by the logistics.

Your peace of mind is our priority. With hundreds of successful celebrations behind us, we know how to navigate the complexities and sensitivities this time entails. We manage all the elements you'd rather not think about — timing, coordination, suppliers — so you can focus on the emotional and personal aspects of the day. It's a comprehensive approach that leaves nothing to chance.

We provide full-service event planning or à la carte enhancements to an existing plan (i.e. cremation fireworks). Together we'll exceed your expectations for what a true Celebration Of LIFE can look like.

Here's Our Process:
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Once you're ready, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session call with us. During this 30-minute call, we'll get to know you, your needs, and how we can make your event truly special.

Based on our conversation, we'll send you a customized proposal outlining the scope of services, timelines, and pricing. Once approved, you'll receive a welcome packet that guides you through the next steps and what to expect as we work together.


Our team will schedule check-ins with you throughout the planning process to ensure we're on track and to make adjustments as needed.


We handle all the logistics, from vendor coordination to day of management, so you can be fully present during the celebration.


Our relationship doesn’t end after the celebration. We continue to offer resources and coaching support for those 'hot zones' and anniversaries that might be particularly challenging in your calendar.

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Meet Tammy

Since 2010, Tammy Faulds has been utilizing her heart-expanding and holistic coaching skills to guide people through loss to life.

Being an avid learner, Tammy has continued to tickle her grey matter and has earned her certifications as a life coach, death doula, grief specialist, and yoga and meditation teacher. However, Tammy’s education really began at the innocent age of 6 when she received a cancer diagnosis. And over the years, whether it's for her annual oncology appointments, while working with seniors as they candidly share some of life's regrets, or sitting bedside with loved ones in extremis - she’s constantly reminded that life, and the death that will inevitably come, is precious.

This is why Tammy’s made it her duty to lovingly facilitate these heart-centered conversations and shine a light on these traditionally dark topics. 
And why Tammy’s made death, her life's work.

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