So why are we so afraid to talk about death? Are we actually scared of it, or are we really afraid of living?

Your tear soaked pillows know the truth behind your exhaustion, overwhelm, unhappiness, confusion, uncertainty, and frustration –
and it’s time you did too.

I get it, feeling stuck sucks the life out of you which is precisely why you need to RISE UP AND REINVENT YOUR REALITY before these temporary feelings become lifelong obstacles.  Cultivate more pleasure, peace, happiness, fulfillment, joy, contentment, and adventure.


Get the clarity to you need to move forward.


Show Up. Be Seen. Live Brave.

I’m Tammy Faulds and I coach people by beginning at the end. My approach blends coaching, yoga, visualization, and meditation (with a splash of humour) to help you navigate your inner life, conquer fears, and manifest your goals.

Before I began my life coaching journey, in between my world travels, studying yoga philosophies, living for a time in the L.A. sunshine, and of course, rocking out at concerts – I used to work in the hectic marketing and advertising field.

So I know you are busy…so busy. But busy isn’t a substitute for purpose or connection. And busy can quickly turn into burnout. I get that you have crazy days, and that’s okay.

With coaching I will calm you down, call you out – and hold you accountable so you can create change and reach your goals. So you can live your life with more courage and connection … until your very last breath.


And now, it’s how I guide others to that same freedom.

Even the busiest of us seek meaning, adventure, peace, and happiness in our daily lives, our relationships, on a road trip, in a new class, or in – well, a yoga practice. Inner travel is just about seeking that inside yourself, too.

And your inner travel coach – is there to help you navigate.

I call Tammy my little wizard. It felt as though my life completely aligned with what I was learning in our sessions. So many 'ah-ha' moments that have made me who I am today. I have learned to surrender to the beautiful chaos that life is. I am forever grateful.
Lexi – Toronto
I cannot express how great it was to meet Tammy. Working for over 6 years in a job that was the wrong fit, and coasting on an emotional roller coaster of confusion, guilt and fear about what I was going to do with my life, I felt like I had hit a wall... and then suddenly all was clear. By using fun and interesting tools for self-awareness, Tammy helped me uncover my strengths and passions that I had all but taken for granted. At 33 years old I feel like I have been introduced to myself and I will no longer settle for anything but what makes me happy.
Kathryn – Toronto
In a word...AMAZING. I was spinning my wheels, unproductive and wrapped in a cloak of fear and false perceptions. A little self-reflection mixed with a dash of reinforcement (and some tearing down of emotional blockades) was exactly what I needed to quiet the perfectionist voice that was preventing me from moving forward. With humor and enthusiasm, Tammy dove into the trenches with me, helping me to discover my unconscious destructive patterns and gave me the courage to re-align with my true creative self. If you're feeling discontent, unmotivated or stuck, she'll sweetly get to the bottom of it. Or, if just need a good kick in the pants, she'll deliver it with kindness, positivity, and an understanding smile.
Sandy – Los Angeles
As a busy full-time working mom my life was cluttered, confused, filled with fears, misconceptions and cloudy paths. Tammy has helped me in ways I struggle to verbalize. She has gently guided me to find my truth, build back my confidence and rid myself of fears that no longer serve me but I was holding on to as perceived safety. Each session with Tammy was so enlightening and helped me reshape old and useless thinking patterns. If you are stuck, confused, fearful or want to move forward in ANY area of your life, Tammy is your most valuable tool. She has helped me to move closer to my goals than years of therapy. I cannot recommend Tammy strongly enough to get you on your way to live your truth and find your best life.
Christina – Los Angeles
Before working with Tammy, I always had a bad feeling in the pit in my stomach about where my life was going. I knew I had a lot of passion but did not know how to direct it. I felt lost, confused, and frustrated. Since my coaching with Tammy I now feel in control of my life. I loved Tammy’s fun and empathetic approach to coaching. She challenged my beliefs and encouraged me to listen to the voice within instead of everyone else. I now know what I want from life, and have a clear plan of how to get there.
Chantelle – Toronto
Tammy continues to clear the track for a smooth train to revelation station. Three sessions in and I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned and recognized in myself … AND she does it with humour, kindness and just the simple turning of the mirror … brilliant.
Amy – Calgary
I admit I was skeptical at first, wondering why I would pay for someone to help me kick my own butt into action. But I knew I was in a slump…lacking motivation, focus, direction, and purpose. Through coaching I was able to see my self-defeating patterns for what they were and learn the tools to kick them to the curb. This in turn reignited the creative fire that was dormant within me for some time and enabled me to turn my life around. I'm having my first art opening in less than 6 weeks (which I had been talking about for ~1.5 years), I started a fantastic new series of paintings, and booked a public exhibition all within 2 weeks of doing the work with Tammy. Coincidence?? I think not!
Craig – Toronto
Tammy has an ability to ask questions that require deep thought and place the onus on the client to look within and come to their own conclusions; determining their priorities, passions and interests along the way. It is this key skill that makes Tammy a great person to consult. Tammy paves the path that allows her clients to make decisions in order to become the person they would like to be. Always available to listen or to provide encouragement, Tammy is a great facilitator to pursuing your dreams.
Mike – Toronto
Tammy is inviting, easy to talk to, and has a great way of helping you articulate feelings.  I appreciated her patience and guidance throughout the process.
Candy – Newark, DE
I learned a lot about who I am, what I want, how I can achieve those goals and where my hang ups are. I always thought I was ambitious but realized how many excuses I had that prevented me from getting what I really wanted done.
Jennifer – Toronto
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