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Tammy Faulds is a certified life coach, death doula, and grief specialist, dedicated to guiding individuals through life's profound transitions since 2010. Her own experiences with cancer at age 6 and again at 48 have deeply influenced her empathetic approach to coaching. Tammy’s mission is to foster healing and meaningful conversations, helping people embrace life’s changes with courage and openness.

Recognizing the parallels between grief and menopause, Tammy created Fontanne, a supportive and inclusive membership space where menopause is celebrated as a transformative chapter. Her community brings together trusted experts, shared stories, wisdom, and laughter, offering holistic support to those navigating the journey from peri to post-menopause.

Join Tammy and the Fontanne community over at Inner Travel Coaching ( to connect and engage in discussions about life's transitions, loss, and renewal.


Tammy is a distinguished coach known for enabling individuals to launch and advance their coaching businesses. Achieving measurable success, Tammy has been instrumental in helping clients reach six- and seven-figure milestones through tailored strategies that resonate with the coaching industry's demands.

A graduate with a rich background in leadership and innovation, Tammy has been featured in several prestigious publications, earning recognition for their effective coaching methodologies. Prior to stepping into the coaching arena, Tammy garnered valuable experience in dynamic roles that sharpened their business acumen and strategic thinking.

Based in a bustling city, Tammy blends their passion for coaching with a commitment to personal growth and community involvement. Alongside their professional pursuits, Tammy cherishes time spent with family and their spirited German Shepherd, an embodiment of the work-life harmony they advocate for.

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