12 Myths Of Grief & Vulnerability

Join Tammy in debunking common myths about grief and vulnerability with a blend of humour and insight. This engaging blog post, inspired by the teachings of Brené Brown and others, challenges conventional wisdom and offers compassionate, practical advice for navigating the complex emotions of grief. Whether you're grappling with personal loss or supporting someone in their journey, find out why vulnerability isn't weakness, and discover the truth behind these myths. A must-read for anyone looking to understand the healing power of vulnerability and the misconceptions surrounding grief.

Blue Christmas: Grief At The Holidays

As the holiday season unfolds, the joy it brings can sometimes be overshadowed by the weight of grief. Whether it's the first festive season without a loved one, coping with a recent divorce, or dealing with any of the myriad losses life throws our way, these times can amplify our sorrow. But there's a path through the pain. In this post, we explore heartfelt strategies to navigate grief during the holidays. From finding solace in shared memories to embracing the healing power of self-care and connection, discover how to honour your emotions and find moments of peace amidst the festive chaos. Join me at Inner Travel Coaching as we journey together through these challenging times, transforming our grief into steps towards healing and understanding.

Community Care

There’s a certain kind of healing that can only happen within the context of community. Listen, I’m all about some serious ‘self-care’ (especially the kind that’s proactive vs. reactive...read more here), but there are times we just need to be witnessed. Validated. When we need someone to tell us, “Yep, that totally sucks.” or “You got this woman!” And this brand of ‘community care’ is something that we simply cannot do on our own (no matter how hard we try). 
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