Welcome to Inner Travel Grief Coaching™, where we don’t just 'deal' with grief and death – we hold their hands, invite them in for tea, and have deep, meaningful conversations. Here, emotions aren’t just felt; they’re given a front-row seat and maybe even a standing ovation — from the healing tears to those bursts of laughter that sneak up on us, reminding us of life's resilience.

Who I Help & How

Hi, I’m Tammy Faulds, your not-so-ordinary grief coach and death doula. I’m here to help you learn how to ride the waves of grief (without wiping out) and how to find your way back to a life that’s not just about getting through the day, but also about finding the beauty, healing, growth, and those moments of joy and laughter again.

When Grief Shows Up At Your Door

Think of grief as that annoying party guest who overstays their welcome. We all know the type - awkward, a bit overwhelming, and hard to ignore. But as you get to know them, you're surprised to see they're full of profound insights and unexpected stories. Our journey together is about changing our perspective on this peculiar guest. Instead of wishing them away, we learn to appreciate the unique gifts and growth they bring to our life's party, fostering a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us.

My Why: Living with Insight

Cancer has been my uninvited dance partner twice now, first at age six and again just recently. I've sat bedside with the dying, listened to seniors share their life's regrets, and navigated the tragic deaths of close friends to accidents and suicide. And these experiences have taught me more than any textbook or TED talk could – about the delicate dance of shadows and light in our lives. It’s these lessons I bring into our sessions, offering a blend of real-talk, deep compassion, and a sprinkle of humour. These experiences are my secret sauce, the special ingredient I bring to the table when helping you navigate your own path through loss and transformation.

Envision Your Transformation

Imagine a world where grief doesn't dampen your spirit but rather, adds depth to your canvas. We’re mixing life’s colours here – some dark, some bright – to create a masterpiece that’s uniquely you. It’s about embracing grief and death with heart and soul, recognizing them as powerful teachers, not adversaries we need to fight or avoid. I'm all for getting real about this rollercoaster called life. Whether it's sharing a laugh, shedding a tear, or strategizing your next steps, I'm here for it all.

My Mission

I dare to dream of a world where we talk about grief and death like we talk about Netflix shows. 
"Hey, did you hear about that new after life series? I binged it this weekend!" 

Sounds bizarre? Maybe. 

Necessary? Absolutely. 

Have I said that exact sentence in my life? YES!! (The Netflix show ‘After Life’ is brilliant).

Because here's the thing ... when we demystify death and grief - we embrace LIFE.

At Inner Travel Grief Coaching™, it isn’t just about getting through the day; it's about transforming your entire perspective on life and death. Together, we'll navigate the tough stuff, find the silver linings, and discover strength in places you never knew existed. Each session with me is akin to a soulful conversation with a trusted friend — one who inspires, challenges, and comforts in equal measure.

So, kick off your shoes, get comfy, and let's dive into this beautiful, messy, awe-inspiring journey of life and death together. 

Because at Inner Travel Grief Coaching, we don't just navigate grief; we redefine it.

Turning Life's Lemons into Lessons, Light, & Insight.

Are you going through a divorce or a break-up and need support navigating the emotional rollercoaster?

Do you find yourself saying 'when it rains, it pours' as you navigate loss after loss after loss?

Is your family struggling to speak about the losses in their lives and need a safe and supportive sounding board to determine their next steps?

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