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Fontanne is more than just a community; it's a movement toward seeing menopause in a new light. With a focus on blending evidence-based information, innovative coaching, and heart-centered tools, we aim to transform menopause from a series of challenges into a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Together, we navigate this chapter not just with hope but with excitement for what's to come.

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Who is Fontanne?

Welcome to Fontanne's world, where menopause is not an end, but a grand, vibrant beginning. This is where we swap uncertainty for clarity, and doubt for confidence, armed with science-based insights, proven coaching tools, and a community that doesn’t just empathize, it empowers. We're not just getting through menopause; we're writing our most vivacious and purposeful life chapters yet.

Fontanne is more than a name—it's a statement, a vision, and a promise. Derived from the French for "fountain; spring," Fontanne symbolizes the very antithesis of what society has long misconstrued about menopause. In a world that suggests women are 'dried up and put out to pasture’ at this stage, Fontanne stands as a beacon of renewal and endless possibility. It's time to quench our thirst for life with the fountain of YOU, finding strength and vitality in our own profound depths.

Our ethos, "discover the fountain of YOU," playfully nudges aside the outdated quest for the 'fountain of youth.' Here, we shift the focus from a desire to recapture youth to celebrating and rediscovering YOU. Whether you're exploring newfound freedoms, reinventing your career or personal life, adapting to retirement, widowhood, or rediscovering your essence beyond fertility, Fontanne is your companion, offering guidance with warmth and understanding.

She's a curator of experiences and a facilitator of connection because in our community, everyone has something to share, and every story adds to our collective wisdom. Think of her as the host of the most enriching party you've ever attended. Fontanne is here to guide you through every stage of this transition, leveraging the wisdom of expert friends who join our community for enriching conversations, workshops, and explorations. She doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she knows people who do, and she's always ready to ask the right questions and listen deeply alongside you.

And yes, there's a playful side to this journey; if Barbie can evolve with the times, so can we. Fontanne shows us that transformation is not only possible—it's hella exciting. It's an invitation to step into our power, to redefine vibrancy at any stage of this journey called life.

Meet Tammy

Hi! I'm Tammy Faulds, your guide and fellow traveller on this journey. My path has been shaped by a tapestry of life’s transitions, from the tender age of 6 when I faced a cancer diagnosis (and again at 48), to the profound role of supporting others as a life coach, death doula, and grief educator. Each step has deepened my understanding of life's preciousness and the transformative power of embracing every season with openness and courage.

Since 2010, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals across the globe through the intricate dance of loss and life, using my holistic coaching skills to foster heart-expanding conversations and healing. My experiences have taught me that just like grief, menopause is another profound transition—a journey that, while universal, often travels unspoken paths.

It was through heartfelt conversations with friends and clients that I recognized menopause's parallel to grief: a passage through change, a quest for understanding, and an undeniable need for a community that truly understands. These dialogues, brimming with stories, struggles, and shared laughter illuminated a collective journey we were all navigating.

This revelation birthed the idea of creating a space where menopause isn't just a phase to endure but a chapter to celebrate. A community where we weave together stories, wisdom, and laughter into a tapestry of support for anyone transitioning from 'peri-to-post' menopause.

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