My name is Tammy Faulds and I’m a life & death coach. I coach successful (and ohmygawd so busy) people who crave more fulfillment, meaning, and connection in their lives. My purpose is to help my clients tune into what their mind, body, and spirit really wants in order to have a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment. My approach blends coaching, yoga, visualization, and meditation (with a splash of humour) to help you navigate your inner life, conquer fear, and manifest your goals.



“Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life.”
– Naguib Mahfouz


Let’s begin at the end. Death coaching is how I help people bring what they most value in life … all the way to the end of life. Together we’ll identify your stories, fears, and beliefs around death. We’ll pinpoint where you’re stuck around really living. We’ll look at your values and the legacy you want to leave behind so you can finally begin thriving in the now, completely aligned with how you want to be remembered. My intention is to lessen the fear and unnecessary suffering around death and dying (and living!) – so you can not only get your affairs in order but really live life to your very last breath and cross over with connection and courage.



“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver

Tammy Faulds is ICF certified coach, 500hr RYT certified yoga teacher, The Daring Way™ certified facilitator, and has extensive experience in planning, organization, and positive psychology using tools and techniques like core values assessments, guided meditations, and Bhavana’s .