Loss is a part of life.
This means you are equipped to handle it.
Let me show you how.

Change the way you
look at loss

Getting comfortable with grief (and the confusing and contradictory feelings that go along with it) can help rebuild your relationship with loss in a transformative way. While this moment may feel unfamiliar, loss has always been, and will continue to be a part of your life.

By tuning into the wisdom of your emotions, you’ll be better equipped to find the meaning and connection that will help you ride the waves of future loss (from the loss of hopes and dreams, to the loss of a loved one). 


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Learn about the basics of grief. What it is and what it isn't. What causes grief. The myths and misinformation in our world about grief and loss and what we can do to help us process grief effectively.

Although we mainly associate grief with death, but there are actually over 40 types of loss associated with grief. Learn about different types of loss including a deeper dive into intangible loss (those you can't see or touch) and anticipatory grief (loss that is yet to come).

Have you ever had a conversation with your emotions? Given them a voice and space to be heard? It’s amazing what shifts when we acknowledge and accept that there will always be a part of us that’s afraid (or angry or anxious) and that’s okay. 'Heavier' emotions like grief have a job to do, it’s not a design flaw, it’s intentional and essential AND that doesn’t mean we need to let it steer our lives.

Blending 5000 year old yogic philosophies with modern heart centered tools allows us to explore the wisdom of our heart and live a more reflective life. And a more reflective life resources us for change - be it disruption, loss, or our gentle daily evolutions.

Grief needs a loving and support container in order to be processed. Studies have shown that personal and private rituals have the most impact on emotional wellbeing, yet we often need permission to practice these rituals and self-care. Write your own permission slip, and my favourite self-care tools, in here.

We create resilience through heart intelligence. We become steady in the storm and loving ... more. Access your heart's wisdom through loving reminders, affirmations, and journaling prompts to support you on those difficult days.

Tough times call for 
easier measures

The Coping With Grief Workbook was created in response to those seeking simple and accessible support in the complex world of grief. Guiding you to understand what grief is and how it works, get creative with tools to help process your emotions, and uncover empowering insights about yourself ... even when you only have the energy to put one foot in front of the other. 

Are You looking for...

Clarity and calm

You're overwhelmed because no one has ever taught you anything about how grief works.

So, let me guide you to the next steps in understanding grief and why it's a normal and natural response to loss of any kind.


A way to test the waters

You know you need some support to help heal your heart, but perhaps the thought of working 1:1 is a little intimidating.

The Coping With Grief Workbook is the perfect place to start your healing journey. 


A gentle path forward

This workbook is structured so that you can move at your own pace. No timeline to adhere to, no scheduled meetings to make.

You can find grief support when you need it most (which can be a random Tuesday at 3am).


More support

Filled with both educational information and emotional 'heartwork', this workbook will help you unlearn what no longer serves you and teach you tools to help you find more peace and calm in your day. 

> 70 page full colour PDF workbook
Learn how to ride the waves of grief with worksheets you can print off and fill in (or use your own journal). Note: this is a digital download only, no hard copy is being shipped to you.

> Work at your own pace
Pick and choose what you'd like to try, leave the rest, or come back to it later. It's all up to you.

> Coping tools and the latest information
Loss is universal, but grief is personal and unique to you. Learn the latest tools to support your healing journey and get you back on the path to feeling better.


Hi, I'm Tammy and I'm so glad you're here. I'd be honoured to guide you on your path to healing your heart by showing you some of the holistic tools I've learned over the years as a life coach, grief educator, yoga teacher, and death doula.

I put together this workbook because these are the tools, and the information, I wish I had at the beginning of my healing journey and I continue to use them today with both my clients, and myself.

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