Stuck In The Middle

Summer has finally arrived here in Toronto which means one thing – patio season!  It’s a beautiful time to get out with friends and enjoy the sunshine + cold beverages.  The vibrancy and colour of nature seem almost infectious.

Our lives, like the seasons, are cyclical and summer brings with it that energy to go out and DO THINGS.

But what if you feel more like you’re walking around in your own personal blizzard?  What if you’re feeling stuck in winter when everyone else is rushing out to enjoy the sun? 

We ALL experience feeling stuck at some point in our lives.

We’ve all felt like we’re hanging out in perpetual limbo keeping an eye out for our next adventure and hoping we’ll know it when it smacks us on the head.  It’s a feeling that there’s something “off” but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s a restlessness. It’s uncomfortable. And yet…moving forward in any direction (even if you could pick one) can feel daunting.

Maybe you’ve worked REALLY EFFING HARD.  You’ve already overcome a lot.  You’re a survivor.  But you just can’t ignore this calling to do more.  You know it’s time to go beyond surviving.  But what does that even look like?

Or maybe you Hate (yes, with a capital H) your current situation (job/relationship/space) but can’t see a way to move out of it.  I mean…how?? How do you begin to create something better?

Anyone can get stuck.

Don’t be fooled by appearances, we can all end up “stuck” no matter what our lives look like on the outside.  For example…

Everything is great…on the surface.  And you feel ashamed for wanting more.  I mean, who are you to feel dissatisfied with your life?  Maybe you’re a successful doctor because your Dad was a doctor (and so was his Dad) but secretly you wanted to be a concert pianist.  Rocking the boat by walking away from a financially stable career that makes your family proud can be…scary. Embracing uncertainty and stepping into the unknown is never easy.

Or everything’s secretly a mess…but it’s a familiar mess and there’s comfort in familiarity.  It takes buckets of courage to change your situation EVEN IF you hate it.  On the outside…you’ve got everything except the white picket fence. On the inside…you feel stuck in a marriage that brings out the worst version of yourself.  Stuck in a town that sucks the vibrancy from your soul. Mindlessly going through the motions of your so-called “life”. Having NO IDEA how to move forward.

Or you’re stuck in the past…because of grief.  Old pain. A loss that still stings.  And you’re carrying that grief and pain into your present reality.  It’s hard to welcome more into your life when you’re so focused on what you’ve lost.  Your joy feels faded and evaporates quickly. Everything seems coloured by the lens of loss.  And you’d really like to be able to take those damned glasses off…but how? How do you heal?  How do you shift your perspective?

There are so many reasons we end up “stuck”, each as individual as you are but whatever the reason that got you here…we’re all craving 2 things.

  1.  Clarity

    If you have no idea what to do next, where to go or what to focus on and you feel like if you just had a direction…(something to point you the right way) you could begin.

    The #1 place I recommend starting is with your core values.  What’s most important for YOU right now at this moment in your life?  It’s not about the values that have sustained you in the past. And it’s not about the values you aspire to.  It’s right now. Right here. Declaring this is what matters.

    You can get started today by downloading my Core Values Assessment.

  2. Tools

    You’ve tried “everything” and it hasn’t worked.  You’re still here facing the same brick wall. Reaching that goal, honouring that dream seems to be a 1 step forward and 73 steps back kinda process.  And it’s friggin’ annoying, frustrating, exhausting, and discouraging.

    My coaching is all about sustainability. What will get you started AND keep you going on the path to your best life?  What do you need to release? What stories need to be rewritten? What old wounds need to be healed? So that the way forward becomes…less struggle, more ease.

    You won’t find any “5 quick steps to blah, blah, blah”.  This is work, deeeep work, but it’s worth it.

    You can book a discovery session right here.  Let’s talk about how you’re feeling stuck and where you’d like to be instead.  And let’s see if I have the right tools to get you moving and sustain your momentum.

Now, let me get real for a second, we’re already halfway through 2019!!  

If you’re wondering where the hell that time went…you’re not alone.  We all feel this way (and that feeling often intensifies as we get older).  Now here’s the good news: you still have 168 days to do things differently.  To grieve. To heal. To ask for what you need. To take action. To change directions.  To rearrange priorities. That’s 168 days of possibility.  And when it comes to work like this, it’s #nevertooearly #nevertoolate.

Right now I want you to grab a piece of paper and pen or open up a fresh doc.  Let’s look compassionately at the first half of the year and see where…

  1. Maybe the Universe had other plans for you or lessons to learn first…what were the lessons?  What were the detours?
  2. Where would you like to shift things/priorities moving forward?

Remember: it’s okay that you’re not where you thought you should be.  Just like my fave line from “Ms Jackson” by OutKast says, “you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather.”

Get clear.  Live now.

Start by downloading my Core Values Assessment to get clarity.  Or book a discovery call to see if I have the right tools to help you get unstuck. #thishitworks

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