Your Core Values – An Inner Travel Guidebook

Get an instant download of my expert navigation system, the Core Values Assessment.

Warning: may result in getting unstuck and going after what you really want in life (and maybe pissing off a few people because they’ll want what you have too).


It’s quite simple really. When you live your life according to your core values things make sense. You walk with a purpose, you feel lighter and more confident, your head clears, and you’re in the flow.

Conversely, when you’re living OUT of accordance with your core values life feels way harder than it should. Your path is unclear and it’s hard to know what to do next.

Knowing your personal core values is essential in defining what is most important in your life.

Your core values:

  • Help you understand yourself better
  • Show you where you truly want to be in life – and how to get there
  • Require no justification to others
  • Guide you in making decisions and choices (especially the tough ones)
  • Make your relationships more fulfilling – when you know who you are, you relate to others more authentically



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