A support system for your body, mind, and spirit.

This Isn't Just a Membership; It's a Movement.

In the midst of navigating menopause, it's easy to feel like you're charting unknown waters alone, surrounded by a sea of conflicting advice and endless searches for genuine support. You're not merely looking for answers, but to feel seen and supported in a trusted community that 'gets it' and knows this chapter of our lives can be our most vibrant one yet.

Introducing Fontanne. 

More than just a community, Fontanne invites you to redefine menopause beyond a physical milestone into a journey of transformation. Merging evidence-based information with innovative coaching, we cut through the BS, overwhelm, and confusion to deliver actionable insights that nourish your entire being. 

Welcome to Fontanne—where menopause is just the beginning. 

And because I'm turning 50 this month, you'll get:

  • 50% off the Membership Fee: Join us now, and lock in your membership rate of $25/month. This rate is yours for as long as you're with us.
  • Shape the Community: Your input and insights will help shape Fontanne into the ultimate space for menopausal support and celebration.
  • Early Access: Be the first to explore new features, workshops, and content designed to enrich your journey.

Why Fontanne Is Different
Fontanne's vision is to create a sanctuary not just for navigating menopause but for transforming it into a period of empowerment and renewal. 

Friends for over a decade, we’re both navigating our own menopausal journeys and passionate about helping other women navigate theirs.
About Tammy
As a certified life coach and grief specialist for over 10 years, Tammy is all about supporting your emotional and spiritual well-being. She’s here to offer proven coaching tools that nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

About Dr. Sheila
She's been a medical doctor and women's health advocate for over 20 years, Sheila brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate heart to our community. She's dedicated to sharing the latest medical research to keep you informed and empowered.
Unlike other programs that primarily focus on medical insights, we're committed to delivering an elevated, inclusive, and community-focused membership with a holistic approach:

  • Evidence-Based Medical Insights: In Fontanne, we bridge the gap between you and the forefront of menopausal health through monthly engaging sessions with leading medical experts. This initiative is rooted in delivering trustworthy, scientifically-backed advice, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your health journey and feel empowered talking to your own healthcare team.

  • Guided Coaching and Personal Growth: Our coaching philosophy is inspired by the wisdom of thought leaders in self-compassion and resilience. We delve into the emotional, psychological, and spiritual facets of menopause with live monthly coaching calls, aiming to provide you with the strength, connection, and clarity needed to navigate this phase with more grace and self-awareness, and a lot less cursing.

  • Your Journey of Rediscovery: Fontanne acknowledges the paths many of us have tread—ones often marked by external expectations rather than the personal ones we wanted. Through our curated courses and guidebooks library, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-exploration at your own pace, offering you a chance to rediscover what truly ignites your passion and joy in this transformative period known as midlife.

  • A Vibrant Community and Enriching Courses: Beyond mere information, Fontanne thrives as an active, nurturing community. Here, we're all about inclusive and meaningful conversations, fostering a network of support, shared stories, and genuine laughter. Together, we navigate menopause with ease and a sense of collective joy and discovery.

Meet Fontanne: Your Guide and Companion

Fontanne is more than just the name of our community; it's a promise of what's possible. Named for the French word meaning "fountain; spring," Fontanne embodies renewal, vibrancy, and endless potential. In a society that often paints menopause as a period of decline, Fontanne stands as a sign of empowerment and new beginnings.

And who better to guide us than our fabulous 1950s "Fontannies"?! They've learned a lot about midlife since their days and are a symbol of every woman who believes there's more to this stage of life than hot flashes and mood swings. It's the start of a vibrant new chapter.

Ready to join the revolution?

Become A Fontanne Member
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Secure your spot before the doors close on Tuesday, July 16th, at 11:59pm EST. 

Registrations will then pause until our next opening in the fall of 2024.


What's Included?
Inside This Space of Understanding and Empowerment, You'll Find:
  • Insightful Workshops: Imagine sitting down with a group of friends, a warm cup of tea in hand, diving into topics that matter most to you. That's what our workshops feel like.
  • Heart-to-Heart Conversations: Our community thrives on the stories and experiences shared by its members. Every voice is valued, every story respected.
  • Expert Guidance and Coaching: Navigating menopause can feel like uncharted territory. With Fontanne, you'll have access to medical experts, evidence-based insights, and professional coaching to guide your journey.

Ready To Join Us?
We're on the brink of something beautiful, and we want you with us.

Menopause marks a new chapter in our lives, one full of potential and promise. At Fontanne, we're not just navigating this journey; we're redefining it. Together, let's discover the community, joy, strength, and empowerment that menopause can bring.

Fontanne Monthly Membership
$ 25/ USD per month
✔️  Lock in the Birthday Bonus Rate: Secure your exclusive rate of $25/month and enjoy this special pricing for as long as you're a part of our community.

✔️  Shape the Future of Fontanne: Have a voice in the development of our community, from workshop topics to new features, ensuring it meets your needs and aspirations.

✔️  Early Access & Special Perks: Get first dibs on all things Fontanne, including in-person events, insightful workshops, expert guidance, and a supportive network, all tailored to celebrate and empower you no matter where you are on your menopause journey.

Meet Tammy
Fontanne's Founder

Hi! I'm Tammy Faulds, your guide and fellow traveller on this journey. My path has been shaped by a tapestry of life’s transitions, from the tender age of 6 when I faced a cancer diagnosis (and again at 48), to the profound role of supporting others as a life coach, death doula, and grief educator. Each step has deepened my understanding of life's preciousness and the transformative power of embracing every season with openness and courage.

Since 2010, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals across the globe through the intricate dance of loss and life, using my holistic coaching skills to foster heart-expanding conversations and healing. My experiences have taught me that just like grief, menopause is another profound transition—a journey that, while universal, often travels unspoken paths.

It was through heartfelt conversations with friends and clients that I recognized menopause's parallel to grief: a passage through change, a quest for understanding, and an undeniable need for a community that truly understands. These dialogues, brimming with stories, struggles, and shared laughter illuminated a collective journey we were all navigating.

This revelation birthed the idea of creating a space where menopause isn't just a phase to endure but a chapter to celebrate. A community where we weave together stories, wisdom, and laughter into a tapestry of support for anyone transitioning from 'peri-to-post' menopause.

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