Permission to love…and let go. When I was twenty-five, while on a trip to Greece, I had a ‘tripifany’ (like an epiphany, but it happens while you’re on vacation) and I
March is a month of transitions.  And transitions are often, well,….challenging, messy and uncomfortable.   Right now, we’re shifting from winter (let’s dream by the fire) to spring (let’s make
Imagine there was a part of your body that, if you nurtured and nourished it, would bring you more peace, stability, groundedness, and even abundance? You’d want to take good
    “What’s your biggest weakness?” “Perfectionism.” I told him with a bright smile. You know the one. You’ve probably fired it up when you got asked that question in
Most of us don’t know how to deal with grief. It’s raw and ragged ‘round the edges. It involves tears and snot and deep wells of pain and we don’t