As Lao Tsu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


You + Me.
One on One.

This completely customized coaching package is ideal for those who have hit their limit, don’t know where to turn next, are frustrated, scared of burning out, and likely have the tear-soaked pillows to prove it.  I’ve been there, I hear you, and I’ve got your back.

This is a 3 month process which will guide you to the freedom, ease, and clarity you’re seeking.  We’ll meet online (Skype), once a week for 1 hour and homework will be provided.  Generally we’ll begin by determining your core values, aligning those with your vision and goals (or determining what those are), then working through any fears or obstacles in your way.  We’ll then get your action plan together and readjust as necessary (because those fears can wear multiple masks).  You can expect to connect your body, mind, and spirit in a way that is not only joyful, but more importantly, sustainable…even at your busiest of times.

So if you’re ready, let’s do this.


We’re all in this together.
Let’s support each other.

These small group workshops are held throughout the year and are conducted online to allow for freedom of location and ease of scheduling.  Usually conducted over 6 weeks, in 2 hour sessions, a variety of topics are covered based on group/client needs (i.e. The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong) and are all facilitated by Tammy.  Not to be mistaken with a ‘lesser than’ experience, these power players deliver as many ‘ah-ha’ moments as individual sessions.

That being said, if you’re more of a 1:1 person, know that these workshops can also be delivered as individual sessions.  To learn more about current and upcoming workshops, see below.


Begin with your end in mind.

Let’s look at death in a different light.

This emotionally charged topic often overwhelms and prevents us from not only planning for the inevitable, but from also being fully present in our current life.  By harnessing the same holistic mind, body & spirit coaching approach, we’ll begin the journey with your end in mind. This means gently uncovering your fears and overcoming what is holding you back so that you can thoughtfully map out your end-of-life care.  Once the planning is done, we’ll ensure that you’re living NOW in accordance with how you want to be remembered; thus ensuring you’re living the truly fulfilling life we’re all meant to enjoy.  If you’re interested in learning more, please see my ‘Crossover Coaching’ service below.

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.


As with any new relationship, we need to get to know each other first and make sure we’d be a terrific match.  So if you’re interested in 1:1 coaching or my workshops, we need to schedule a ‘Discovery Session‘. For $20 not only do you get ~50 mins with me to talk about all things you (and I’ll talk about what you can expect from coaching with me), but you will also get an immediate download to the cornerstone of all my coaching programs – The Core Values Assessment. Because knowing who you are and what you stand for makes life so much easier to navigate!  So if you’re ready to get going, simply click here.


Watch your email for the Core Values Assessment download and access to my online calendar so you can schedule your session. You will also receive access to my Coaching Portal where you’ll find questions I’ll need you to fill out before our call.  This allows me to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.


Once you pick your Discovery Session time in my calendar, you’ll receive an email confirmation of our appointment.


Complete the Discovery Session prep questions at least 24 hours prior to our session.


Then we’ll get started!  If we decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started.  If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Have questions? Email me at

 Trust & Intention Workshop

More dates coming soon!


  • To understand how to trust is built, and destroyed, in relationships
  • To determine if a lack of self-trust is getting in the way of achieving your goals
  • To focus on the future so you can begin to move forward

A 2-hour holistic workshop combining coaching, yoga, and meditation that will take a deep dive into the topic of trust and how to set strong intentions for spring!

Because without trust, there can be no meaningful connection between people – and connection is why we’re all here.

Trust is critical in every aspect of our lives, yet we struggle with how to talk about it. When we say “I just don’t trust you” to someone, it rarely helps. It’s overwhelmingly painful to hear and it gives us no direction about what specifically needs to change so that we can move forward.  Only by planting strong intentions, rooted in trust, can we grow and develop into the highest versions of ourselves – and it begins here.




It’s time we brought death out of the closet.

*Doors opening in 2017 –  CONTACT ME for more info!

One thing we all know for sure in our lives, is that they will end.  Death is the ultimate unknown; something so profound that for many of us it’s scary to imagine, let alone discuss.  We know it’s important to have your end-of-life plans together but can just never seem to get around to it.  Which is precisely why I’m here – to help you make plans and find peace.



A customized 1:1 coaching package to help lessen the fears around death and dying including guided meditations, worksheets, and an action plan to ensure how you’re living today is aligned with how you want to be remembered tomorrow. 

Because over 80% of us believe it’s important to have our end-of-life care plans done but under 20% of us have our paperwork in order.  Take control of what you can so you can find peace in the present.

One of Tammy's gifts is how she takes what she has learned from her brilliant teachers and filters it through her own life experiences to guide you towards your highest potential.  Her genius ideas, sweetness, unique humor and perspective makes you feel so comfortable and gives you permission to be a beautiful human evolving towards your greatest destiny.  She truly cares about helping you find what works.  It is no accident that you found her at this exact time in your journey.  #bestcoachever
Dana – Cleveland


* Rising again in 2017 – CONTACT ME for more info! *


In life you’re guaranteed to get your ass kicked from time to time. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off by learning how to rumble with those full-contact emotions that kick you when you’re down.

The full Rising Strong curriculum delivered over my uber-safe-password-protected website and you can do it from the comfort of your own home (jammies recommended). We’ll meet Monday’s for 2 hours online x 5 weeks and all you need is a computer and internet connection.

Because you’re tired of getting way down in the dumps when life doesn’t go your way. We’ve all been there, we know the stories, time to write a new ending.

Tammy is fabulous. I wish I met her years ago. The knowledge that she brought to the course was invaluable. She did a great job holding the space for us.
Jen – Rochester
Working with Tammy has changed and enriched my life. Tammy has helped me discover that I have the strength and courage to be and accept exactly who I am. From this place of authenticity, I have become a better parent, a better friend and a better colleague. I handle stress, conflict and disappointment very differently now. Tammy has helped me find the confidence and self-love to lean into my life and really live it!
Corrina – Toronto


* Ready to Dare Greatly in 2017?  CONTACT ME for more info! *

To understand what is REALLY holding you back in life, discover your debilitating patterns, and realize that you’re not alone. For more info, go to The Daring Way™ tab above.

To learn how to get yourself unstuck and back on track. You’ll receive the full Daring Way™ curriculum, 2 hours per week over the course of 5 weeks, and all you need is a computer and internet connection.

Because you’ve had it with not feeling good/smart/rich/powerful/whatever enough. You’re tired of not going after what you really want and living a lacklustre life. It’s time to choose courage over comfort (because you can’t have both)

The thing that is making you feel afraid of taking The Daring Way, is the same thing holding you back in your life....aren't you curious to see what that is, and live without it?
Natalie – New York City
This whole process has already been blowing my mind. I actually have a headache from rethinking what I thought I knew. I'm also retooling my core values by replacing one of them with vulnerability to help remind me that it's okay and important to put myself out there.
Rob – Toronto
Just do it. You can tell yourself all sorts of reasons for why you shouldn’t do it but in the end it will be beyond worth your time. If you are questioning your life or yourself or you just feel like you need a change, this is your catalyst!
Mark – Los Angeles
It's a wonderful experience! An open, loving forum that allows you to explore areas of yourself you may be very aware of OR you may have closed off. It is educational, and full of "ah-ha" moments. It is going to do nothing but better you and give justice to the person you deserve to be.
Rebecca – New York City
The Daring Way has provided me with a new and completely surprising awareness of how I was holding myself back - I was slowly closing myself off to people and experiences. Now I've set new expectations of myself. I'm showing up now and comparing myself to others less!
Sarah – Toronto
This course has helped me to go into situations that previously invoked fear and anxiety, with a new sense of confidence. By building awareness of my many pieces of armour, I feel ready to shed them, let in the light and move forward! Thank you!
Sheila – Toronto
This week I found out that due to a restructuring I am losing both of my amazing bosses and I am now reporting to a very negative and not-so-nice person.  My new boss is such a classic 'cheap seats' type that it took me all of hour to realize I don't really give a sh!t what they think of me. And while the people around me are reeling from the news, I'm just floating along, feeling like a badass.   I really do feel this amazing sense of control and perspective.  Preach!  
Jaclyn – Toronto
Tammy helped me through a very complicated and uncertain junction in my life. Through her calming voice, thoughtful and introspective questions, and patient demeanor, she was able to get me to see that my situation wasn’t an ending, but actually a beginning. I whole-heartedly believe that each and every one of us has the potential to achieve our goals, no matter how lofty. However, sometimes we need a coach to motivate us and show us how to stop getting in our own way…and that’s okay. This is what Tammy has done, and continues to do, for me!
Jenn – Toronto
The process of turning inwards, self reflecting, and dissecting ones life is a daunting task and one that I had tried my best to avoid.  Tammy made that process as painless as possible as her kind and gentle hand guided me the whole way.  When you work with Tammy you will find that warmth, true empathy, passion, grace, and humour radiate from her. Tammy's approach to her work is soft and steady, yet the change you will feel is profound and everlasting.  Highly recommend!
Megan – Toronto
Working with you has shone the light on my true potential and has enabled me to believe in myself and what I have to offer. You inspired me not only to chase my dreams, but to take the leap sooner than I ever would have dreamed possible. Because of you, I'm now pursuing my purpose, and seeking to live a life that is fully aligned to my core values. Thank you for everything!
Kate – Toronto


(new clients only)

  • To talk through the frustrations of where you are, and explore where you want to go.
  • To be heard and understood.
  • To understand what coaching is all about and if it’s the right next step for you or not.
  • To have an online ‘coffee date’ with me over Skype for 45 – 60 mins.
  • Time to talk about YOU with someone who is non-judgmental, a trained professional, and has your best interests at heart.
  • To determine if you’re ready to try coaching.
  • Access to the cornerstone of ALL my coaching programs, the Core Values Assessment
  • You wouldn’t have made it this far into my website if you weren’t ready to make a change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – how often do you get odds like that?