“I thought I had a fear of death just because everyone else did. It turns out I was more afraid of living.”


Let’s begin at the end.

This process starts by gently uncovering your stories, beliefs, and fears around death and dying so you can overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back (which actually may not be a fear of death at all).  Then through powerful guided meditations we’ll reframe death by visualizing what your ideal crossover might look like, which give us insights into things like the details of your own funeral.  From there we’ll thoughtfully map out your end-of-life paperwork (wills, estates, advance directives, funeral details, etc.) so that we can peacefully put all that aside and focus on what death really wants to teach us – how to live NOW.

Let’s look at death in a different light.

Think about it – any death bed stories we hear are about how to live your life.  Any brushes with death we have force us to look at what’s truly important (and what’s not important) and reorganize our lives accordingly.  Death is our greatest teacher and provides us so many gifts often left unopened because we’re too scared to face the unknown.

By getting curious about death we’re open to learning more about ourselves and what we want to experience in this ‘one wild and precious life’ of ours.  And by doing that, we can ensure that you’re living NOW in accordance with how you want to be remembered; making certain you’re living the truly fulfilling life we’re all meant to enjoy.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out.